After the death of an individual the transfer of ownership of movable and immovable assets, invariably causes animosity amongst the Legal heirs, which leads to long drawn litigation and break - up of cordial family ties.

To avoid all the unpleasantness amongst the family members after the death of the head of a family, a systematic and well documented succession plan should be executed with professional consultation. Technically documented succession plan can be executed generally through signing of the following legal documents.

1.       Registered Will.

2.       Private family trust deed.

3.       Family settlement deed.

4.       HUF Dissolution deed.

These are exquisitely drafted legally enforceable documents providing transparency and do not leave any room about the intentions of the author of the documents. Besides, these documents will also be of great help while obtaining succession certificates, probate and orders from courts & other authorities.

We strongly recommend everyone with comfortable means of living to have their succession papers technically crafted & drafted, while in good health and spirit. For any doubts, Author CA Anil Kumar Jain can be contacted for Consultation.



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