Personalized Investment Management Strategies: After a thorough review with our client, we will implement a customized investment plan. Our status as independent advisors is valued as we utilize investment strategies designed to achieve the highest potential return with the lowest possible cost consistent with our client's goals and objectives. Our process is characterized by the following activities:
  • Continuous monitoring of investment, planning, analysis and Recommendations.
  • Periodic portfolio rebalancing as dictated by changing market conditions.
  • Quarterly performance reporting and at other times as requested by client.
  • Compound and periodic backtesting of proposed asset allocation strategies.
  • Minimum required distribution projections and tax liabilities for qualified accounts.
  • Measuring the impact of client contribution and withdrawals on portfolio values.
  • Annual client review meetings.
  • Coordination of account management with client's Tax Professionals or Attorney.
Financial Planning Solutions: We will prepare and maintain a comprehensive analysis of your existing financial situation, quantify and identify deficiencies and recommend specific customized solutions. Our plan will address the following topics according to need of client.
  • What rate of return on client’s capital is necessary to reach his / her long-term goals?
  • How much withdrawal from portfolio annually in volatile markets.
  • How does volatility impact client’s retirement planning?
  • Effects of taxes and inflation have on client’s retirement spending
  • Appropriate definition of risk for Client’s portfolio
  • Appropriate benchmark to measure Client’s returns
  • Asset allocation strategy to meet client’s short-term and long-term objectives.
  • Financial Planning for Retirement, its analysis and recommendations.
  • Educational funding analysis and recommendations.
  • Coordination and implementation of tax planning recommendations from client’s Tax Professionals and Attorney.
  • Improve financial performance, return on investment and reduce costs, while still preserving the value of client’s assets.
  • Improve Client’s investment through decision making.
  • Improve management of risk through reducing client’s financial losses, enhancing health and safety management of funds.
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness and transform client’s processes, procedures and asset performance.
  • Demonstrate client’s compliance with legal, statutory and regulatory requirements.

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