Our motto is to deliver a consistent, reliable, high quality collaboration services to our clients. Our collaboration service involves implementation of interactive work environment that fosters teamwork, agility and responsiveness to achieve the desired operational efficiency across dispersed processes and people.

Basically we provide following collaboration services

1) Collaboration analysis which includes preliminary survey and business process analysis.
2) Collaboration Strategy & Set-up.
3) Selection and Adoption of Best Practices
4) Meetings and conferencing and simplification of client’s scheduling.
5) Saving money and reduction of client’s travel costs through effective meetings with parties.
6) Meeting with Parties and their attorneys to resolve their disputes outside the court system
7) Provide an open, honest and confidential exchange of information by the parties.
8) Reduces financial, time and emotional costs
9) Avoids going to court
10) Protects confidentiality and avoids publicity
11) Keeps the parties in control of the process
12) Encourages mutual respect
13) Provides open communication
14) Uses a problem-solving approach
15) Identifies and addresses all parties’ interests and concerns
16) Business valuation
17)  Cash management & budgeting
18)  Manage financial expectations of all parties
19)  Prepare asset& liability analysis

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