New Singapore Law Discourages Flow of Foreign Workforce

January 10th, 2014 Singapore may not be any more comfortable destination for  employment of emigrant workers and expatriates. A new salary regulation for foreigners  is announced. Now companies  wishing to hire foreign workers will need to advertise for local employees. Indian business firms deputing employees from India will need to have a relook at their salary structures. Many corporate houses form India  have business establishment  in Singapore. Indian workforce is sent  to Singapore on Employment Pass visa. From January 2014, the minimum monthly salary for new employment based visa applications has been increased to  Singapore dollars 3,300. Moreover, it will not be enough to just meet the minimum income requirement for experienced employees. Higher salaries will need to be paid for higher qualification and experience. Another category of visa application is  S Pass.  This permits  a lower minimum monthly salary of S$2,200. But, this visa is for mid-level personnel and only a limited number of S Pass holders can be employed by a Singapore company. The holders of S Pass cannot bring their families to Singapore.


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